My Own Bouquet

The essentials to my wedding planning, at the start of this venture, were these:

  • Simple, Rustic Venue
  • Printed Plates or Place Settings
  • Incorporate a Vintage Theme, Somehow
  • Not A Ton of Flowers

So as you can tell, I’m not a huge fan of filling my reception or ceremony place with huge floral arrangements. I basically don’t want a pungent curtain to hit you upon walking in the church doors, making your first impression one of nostril-numbing odor.

But knowing that flowers are a great accent and color anchor for any event, I still wanted some present and floating about. One place I could not compromise was my bouquet. I started looking around and could not believe how expensive hiring help from a florist would be! Not only do they charge for the sticks with pretty petals on the end of them, but labor and seasonality costs can increase your bill by almost double! Not Okay.

After researching some great blooms that are in season during the fall, and scoping out my local flower marts, Trader Joe’s, and famer’s market, I decided to go out on my own. And being my DIY-self, I also cruised the abundant resources found on Pinterest of how-to blogs and step by step instructions. One of my favorites was, which stands for making bride’s lives easier by offering “A Practical Wedding” advice. Check it out here.

Knowing that just practicing bouquets could get pricey, I headed to Harris Teeter, where they were having a sale on blooms in accordance with the beautfiul spring weather hitting NC this week. Last weekend was also Easter Weekend, so they had plenty of flowers in stock and at a discount. I bought 6 bundles of flowers, varying in color, length, and density, and headed back to my apartment, excited to begin.

Bundles Found at Harris Teeter

Bundles Found at Harris Teeter

They Smell so Good!

They Smell so Good!

Laying Out Flowers

Laying Out Flowers


The First step was to prepare the flowers. Take them out of the bags, divide by type and color and trim leaves and/or thorns from the stem. This makes quite a mess! So if you are following along, or preparing to build your own bouquet too, be sure to have enough space and factor in time for clean-up.


Next, suggests to start with a couple anchor flowers that will be the centerpiece of your arrangement. Choose a larger size one and maybe a couple simple accents.

I picked one large Spider Mum and two wine colored Geraniums. Tape these together to form a mini bundle. **Technically, flower tape is the preferred binding instrument here, but since I was cheap and this was my first run, I used good ‘ole Scotch Tape that I had in my gift-wrapping stock.

Be sure to tape 2-3 inches down from the base of the flowers and 3-4 inches up from the bottom of the stems. Two places ensure a stiff and sturdy handle.

Bouquet Anchor

Bouquet Anchor


The next part is easy. Keep adding flowers at random!

Here you will want to rotate your greenery, smaller petal flowers (mine was baby’s breath) and other random accents to build up the bulk. Tape as you go, ensuring the tape is layered in the same place upon each rotation. I bundled three and taped, bundled four more flowers, then taped. You get the idea.

Keep checking the bird’s eye view of the bouquet to make sure its balanced. Or go A-symmetrical if you are in to that sort of thing!

Bird's Eye View

Bird’s Eye View

Finished Product:

Since the layers and amount of flowers can go on forever, you get to choose how large your bouquet becomes. I stopped when I ran out of flowers. Then wrap some burlap or lace around the bottom, and you are good to go!

iPhoneApril 221Done!

Rex Wanted in on the Action

Rex Wanted in on the Action


TA DA! The colors and flower options were limited at Harris Teeter, so this is not exactly my dream bouquet, but I feel better prepared for choosing great options and venturing it by myself!

Next Up: Corsages and Boutonnieres (two things that are deceivingly hard to spell…)